Apr 29, 2012

PlayRythm 1.0.0-RC1 released

Just released this new big version to Play's module repository. There are lots of improvements in terms of both functionality and documentation, several bug fixes and a few break changes:

break changes

  • @renderBody() does not render layout content now. It’s used to render tag body specifically. To render the layout content, use @doLayout() or @render() without section name parameter
  • Automatic escape expression with html format if the template file name suffix is .html. If your code breaks, try to use @raw() tag to surround relevant template part or export your variable with.raw() extension.
    • Note auto-escape can cause template execution performance up to 3 times slower(still much faster than groovy) depending on how many expressions there are in your template, but we consider it a good trade-off to offer a secure default behavior. For those people who “need for speed”, simply wrap your entire template content in raw block:@raw(){your content comes here}.
  • app/view as template root are no longer supported. All rythm template files must be put intoapp/rythm folder
  • app/view/tags/rythm as tag root are no longer supported. Just put tag files as normal template file into app/rythm folder
  • @section tag usage:
    • previously @section sectionName {...}
    • now @section(“sectionName”) {...}

New features

Small enhancements

Issues closed

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