Mar 28, 2010

Play Excel Module

My second Module for Play! framework now published at

Mar 22, 2010


I have just released a Play! framework module called GreenScript at github.

This module help Play application developer to do javascript/css file dependency management and minizing.

There are mainly three parts in this module:

* a configuration file to define the dependencies of javascript and css files
* several javascript for loading configuration/maintaining dependencies and output javascript files (in compressed form if configured) in a sequence defined by the dependency
* two play template tags to declare javascript and css file in html templates

Mar 20, 2010


I've published scrolldicator (a javascript UI control) at github. And there is a video clip to show what scrolldicator is.

Mar 18, 2010

First bug report of pMask

Mr. Stephan report an error of pMask. He needs to duplicate form input element dynamically, and that happens after input elements are pMasked (initialized using new pMask()). Soon he found the duplicated input lost mask capability and calling to "new pMask()" again will cause malfunction of old inputs while new inputs get worked correctly.

This is fixed quickly. However i found there is a problem running pMask on IE 8 (should not be relevant to this bug). I have a extension to prototype Event object by using "Event.prototype.key() = function() {...}", this statement works fine in Firefox and Chrome, however it cann't pass in IE8. This naughty browser report error: "'Event.prototype' is null or not an object". I am looking for the solution of this problem.

Thinking about Software blog resumed

Now that i've settled down in Australia, it's time to resume this blog. ( is blocked in China, sorry).