Sep 18, 2010

Play-GreenScript v1.1 Released

This is a version with huge improvements:
  • Many bug fixes
  • Completely new Plugin Configurator
  • Add Command to enable user copy module tags/templates to user app directory
  • More clear configuration settings
  • Even more simplified tag syntax
  • Support zero configuration
  • Document improvement

Comparison to v1.0

  1. Configuration:

    • v1.0 - The dependency configuration file: "greenscript.conf" is mandatory
    • v1.1 - Zero configuration
  2. Dynamic configuration

    • v1.0 - A simple window with a <textarea> tag. You are on your own to write the content in the textarea. Error prone: typos, unattended updates to dependencies
    • v1.1 - A sophisticated web interface help you clearly view the status/configuration of GreenScript plugin and prevent you from making mistakes when you try to turn on/off minimizing/compressing/cache.
  3. Tags

    • v1.0 - #{greenscript.css import:['css1', 'css2']/}
    • v1.1 - #{greenscript.css 'css1 css2'/}

      For existing greenscript users, the old syntax also works, but you are encourage to move to the new simple version.

  4. Commands

    • v1.0 - no command support
    • v1.1 - play greenscript:cp -a --tag=xx | -t --template=xx

For more information please go to GreenScript home.

PS: Forgot the secret weapon: with "play greenscript:cp -a .", you can use tags in this way:

#{js 'js1 js2 ...' /}
#{css 'css1, css2, ...' /}

How can you expect anything simpler than this?

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